About me

If I stay present, if I really (but REALLY) stay curious about what is happening, then I make the most of every moment, I <squeeze> it, like I squeeze a lemon. I can´t then avoid its fragrance, taste, juicy texture… I am totally in it. I am born again and again, ready for new opportunities. With a new, creative, curious vision of what there is now, of Life right now.


When some years ago I got to know ZenCoaching I knew that I wanted to share what its spirit offers:


  1. Lightness and depth.
  2. Joy and responsibility.
  3. Clarity and easiness.
  4. Growth and constant contact with the source.


Becoming a certified coach was a fascinating process which has opened me for so many new possibilities in life, for a broad experience of myself, my emotions, my body, my mind, my soul and my heart. And now I have the opportunity to keep company to those who are in a similar moment of transition. What a power and joy!


ZenCoaching has been my quiet passion since not so long ago. And at the same tiem I have the impression that most of my life I have been preparing myself for this journey in all I did:


  • My studies:
    • Special Education (University, master)
    • Spanish Filology (University, master)
    • Languages studies
  • My jobs:
    • Logistics Companies
    • Mercedes Benz Plant
    • Numbers of projects (as a leader or consultant)
    • Jewellery designer and maker
  • My hobbies:
    • Painting
    • Crafts
    • Dipping into cold water (Swedish lakes can be quite challenging in winter or spring!)
    • Meditation
    • Bicycle
  • Sports:
    • Yoga
    • Volleyball
    • Tenis
    • Swimming
  • Family and Friends:
    • Is there a better way to “practice” a conscientious life?
  • Fascinations:
    • Creativity
    • Clarity
    • Order
    • Cusiosity
    • Projects
    • Heartleft conversations
  • Values
    • Meaningfulness
    • Love
    • Reflection
    • Courage
    • Truth